Friday, October 2, 2009

Keeleigh - Benton High School Homecoming 2009

Keeleigh made Sophomore Maid for Homecoming...WOW! What an amazing night we had...Especially her dad who enjoyed every moment walking her on the football field...Kee had a wonderful time and it was a week she will never forget...None of us will ever forget...We are blessed in so many ways...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Salt Bowl 2009

WOW! This was an AMAZING experience for Keeleigh and us! Tailgating before the game with Ned Perme and Channel 7 News, all the Benton/Bryant fans and the opportunity to cheer at War Memorial Stadium! I think they said there were over 25,000 people there!Keeleigh had the BEST time, and said it was the greatest night! She couldn't believe she was actually going to cheer where the Arkansas Razorback Cheerleaders stand and cheer! She was on cloud 9 the entire night...

Benton/Bryant Pep Rally 2009

This was our first Benton/Bryant Pep Rally! It was SO much fun, and our High School Cheerleaders were AMAZING!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School - 2009

It's so hard to believe we are starting another year...Bryan and I still can't believe we have one going to High School - DRIVING! Keeleigh was SO excited! She thought it was pretty amazing to be able to drive the first day - me on the other hand - worried sick until she came home. Olivia was excited about 7th grade, too. She's still in Middle School so it wasn't as exciting since she didn't change schools, but she was still ready to go. : )She's already gearing up for Jr.High Cheer Tryouts in March...She said she can't wait!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Olivia being silly in our backyard....

Last night I was walking around our backyard and couldn't stop laughing while watching Olivia (being her silly self) swim in the pool...I ran inside and grabbed my camera so I could take a few pics of her being so goofy..Needless to say, she immediately stopped and started acting normal...Here are a few pics of her, but not any in her goofy mode...She is such a neat kid! We are so blessed to have 2 beautiful girls!

A Gorgeous Wedding....

We attended Aaron Hilborn and Amanda Langley's wedding Friday night. It was absoultely stunning! When I walked into the church I felt like I was in the movie "The Wedding Planner". I didn't realize I had left my camera in the car until the wedding started. As soon as the bride and groom were about to leave I had Bryan run and get it in hopes of catching them...They drove off before I could snap their picture, but I did get a few snap shots of Keeleigh, Jenny, Ashley and Taylor...They were all so beautiful!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2009-2010 BHS Cheerleaders

I posted this in March, but for some reason it remained in my "edit" file vs. my "publish" file...Oh, well - It's on here now! : )We officially have a "Benton High School" Cheerleader in our home! This has been a dream of Keeleigh's since she was a little girl! We are so excited and looking forward to a wonderful year...They won ALL "TOP Awards" at SMU (Dallas) in June and are getting geared up for Nationals in Dallas over Christmas! We can't wait! We're so proud of you Keeleigh!